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The Zeta Orbital is a first-person sci-fi exploration game set on an abandoned research station orbiting an alien planet. Explore the station, uncovering clues to the crew’s mysterious disappearance. They found something on the planet, and brought it back to orbit — but what else did they bring with it?

Welcome to The Zeta Orbital. Can you find the answers, navigate the station, and scavenge enough resources to escape?

Early Access

The Zeta Orbital is very much an _early-access_ game, and likely to change (and improve!) over time. This is a very early build, where I'm hoping to get feedback from itch.io players to help spot bugs and suggest new content.

I'll release new versions at least weekly, with new stories, puzzle rooms, and bugfixes in each. The Zeta Orbital is built by one person (hello!), so there's a limit to how much I can get done in each week -- but I'll do my best to make sure your first-person sci-fi exploring only gets better, never worse.

A Rogue-(Like)-Like

The decks of the Zeta Orbital are procedurally generated, and you can save your progress only when moving between them. Scavenge precious resources to explore each level, but never take your eye off your oxygen supply

An Open-Ended Story

The orbital’s crew didn’t disappear all at once — and left their own theories about what they saw happening around them scattered in their PDAs & terminals. Piece together what really happened from snippets and suggestions as you make your way through the crew’s quarters.

Every System a Puzzle

Many doors were left locked on the orbital, and many of its support systems are barely functioning. You’ll need to restore what you can if you want to escape the station intact.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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